Thursday, 19 July 2012

In Nairobi the weather is so cold that you can feel it up to the inner bones. for me even going to the toilet is a problem, i simply don't want any of my skin exposed to the atmosphere. it is funny though that with most chicks, they choose to freeze and shine. you will find a chick with a sleeveless top and a mini skirt miserably walking in the streets, all for the sake of beauty.
it is that time when a hand shake is not a good idea. no one wants to unpocket, it reminds me when i was back in high school where pocketing was banned. with this bitting cold, the deputy head teacher still would not forgive you for pocketing.
now the worst part of this weather is when you accidentally hit yourself on a rock.( especially the big toe) trust me its more painful tan being shot. all in all, at-least the cold weather allows us to need our soul mates even more, so don`t hesitate to cuddle and watch movies together.....

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