Tuesday, 4 September 2012


A year after her death, controversy
seems to still stalk freedom fighter
Wambui Otieno. Details have emerged
that Wambui’s husband, Peter
Mbugua, is soon going to court to
claim ownership to part of Wambui’s
Wambui’s daughters, had last month
thrown the former stonemason out
of Wambui’s Karen home, and also
declared him unwanted in Wambui’s
Upper Matasia home, where Wambui
was buried. Mbugua and Wambui got
married in 2003, a marriage that
raised criticism. Mbugua was then 25
years old while Wambui was 67 years.
Mbugua’s mother, then aged 53 years,
refused to accept Wambui as her
daughter in law while Wambui’s
daughters boycotted the wedding,
furious at their mother for marrying a
man 42 years her junior.
Interviewed after the wedding,
Mbugua had denied claims that he
married the wealthy widower for
financial reasons, claiming he
sincerely loved the freedom fighter,
who was 14 years older than his
mother. Mbugua’s mother died a few
days after the wedding.
Mbugua has now retained lawyer Judy
Thongori to fight Wambui’s daughters
in court, over his inheritance. Mbugua
now lives in a one-bedroom house in
Kitengela, a property owned by
Wambui’s family. It is said that one of
Wambui’s daughters threw Mbugua
out and has taken charge of the
Karen home.
According to Wambui’s
autobiography, Mau Mau Daughter: A
Life History, she fought for
independence was briefly detained by
the colonial government n 1961. After
release from prison, she married fiery
lawyer, SM Otieno against the
objections of her parents.
When her husband died in 1987,
Wambui was drawn in a protracted
battle with her husband’s clan, Umira
Kager, on where to bury SM Otieno.
When the high court ruled that SM
Otieno was to be buried in his
ancestral home, Wambui and her
children boycotted the burial.
Also a politician, Wambui formed her
own party, Kenya People's Convention
Party which she used to run for the
Kajiado North parliamentary seat. She
was heavily defeated. In 1997,
Wambui had also vied unsuccessfully
for Kamukunji parliamentary seat on a
National Democratic Party ticket.Wambui is the mother to lawyer
Gladwell Otieno, a former
Transparency International country
director. Wambui Otieno died in
August 30, 2011 at Nairobi Hospital.