Monday, 29 April 2013


NB:You need to have 3 fake FACEBOOK
Make sure all 3 fake accounts are your
ur victims friends
1.log out and click on forgot
password.f acebook system will show
you three solutions to recover your
2.Fil the email address of your vitim in
the 1st section and give your friend’s
Name and your name in the name
field.then click on the search button.if
you have done the above steps
correctly, then you will see the profile
picture of your victim whose email
address is to be filled/ whose account
is to be hacked on NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS
TO THESE…then enter a new email
address which has not to be used with
facebook account and click on the
submit button to proceed to the next
step will be asked for the security
questions answer.if you know the
answers then its perfect but if you
don’t know then fill it with wrong
answers 3 times
5.after thie submission / giving wrong
answers,face book Security will show
you TRUSTED FRIENDS feature to
recover the account….click on the
continue button
6.then it will ask you to fill/ select 3
friends(se lect your fake accounts)f
rom the shown list and click the
CONTINUE button each time after the
7.after the above step, facebook will
send the security codes to each of the
3 accounts selected…then login to
each of the 3 accounts and note the
security codes manually and fill them in
proper manner(if they are not found in
Inbox then check the Spam Folder too) the password reset email has
been sent to the new email you
provided in the 3rd step.
9.thats it…you are done successful ly,
now you have access to your victims

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