Monday, 6 August 2012


A middle-aged man in Kahawa Sukari has been given a two-week notice to vacate a residential storey building because of queer habits.

The man commonly referred to as Mheshimiwa (honourable) is known so for his weakness for suits and his love for politicians and famous people. But he has been reduced to mshukiwa (criminal) after it emerged that he has been doing nightly rounds on his neighbours and picking innerwear through open windows.

For months, neighbours had been complaining amongst themselves and to anyone who cared to listen about the disappearance of their precious piece of clothing from clothes lines.

 According to the caretaker, they found a box filled with innerwear, with each victim picking their privates from the lot. Mheshimiwa was declared a pervert, as he did not have any intentions to sell the clothes, but was collecting for his own personal fulfilment. He even had a nightdress — stolen of course.

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