Tuesday, 7 August 2012


An accident blackspot has had the
number of crashes reduced after
a blow-up sex doll was tied to a
tree in a bid to slow drivers down.
Fed-up pensioner Lin Chen
bought the doll and dressed it in
sexy red undies so motorists
would slow down to take a look.
She hatched the racy plan after
becoming frustrated with the
amount of speeding drivers
outside her home in Ningbo, in
Zhejiang province in eastern
The 67-year-old purchased the
inflatable sex toy and and added
a few slinky additions to ensure it
caught the attention of drivers.
"There are a set of traffic lights
near my house and the cars just
shoot through them as fast as
they can," explained Chen.
"It's very dangerous.
"The police aren't interested so I
bought this doll and tied it to the
"I thought that drivers would slow
down if I could give them
something worth looking it."
Astonished police admit that
accident figures have dropped
since Chen started to make a
dummy of the speeding drivers.
"It isn't a method we would use,
but we can't say it isn't working,"
said a spokesman.

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