Friday, 10 August 2012


Web giant Google have been
given a £14.4 million fine by the
US government.
It's the biggest fine the US Federal
Trade Commission has ever given
to one company.
They believe that Google was
collecting information on how
people used the web though a
special computer code called
cookies on Apple's Safari system,
even though that hadn't given
them permission to do so.
But the company say that no
"personal information" had been
A spokesperson for Google said,
"We set the highest standards of
privacy and security for our users,
"The FTC is focused on a 2009
help centre page published more
than two years before our
consent decree, and a year before
Apple changed its cookie-handling
"We have now changed that page
and taken steps to remove the ad
cookies, which collected no
personal information, from
Apple's browsers."
Lots of internet companies rely on
collecting information from web
users to make money.
But some people think that more
needs to be done to make sure
that information is kept safe.

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