Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Twin sisters share many
experiences but not many give
birth the same day. But that’s
exactly what happened to 24-year-
olds Zaakira Mitchell and Shaakira
White of Columbia, USA.
When White entered Palmetto
Health Baptist Hospital in
Columbia on July 24, she was
simply accompanying her twin
sister and getting a check-up, or
so she thought. After all, White’s
due date was August 16.
Mitchell’s due date, on the other
hand, was July 26. She decided to
be induced a few days early. But
no one anticipated what
happened next.
During White’s check-up, she told
the physician David Ferguson that
she had felt contractions that
morning and he checked to make
sure she wasn’t entering labour
He discovered that she was
already five to six centimetres
dilated, so he started preparing
White for a Caesarean section.
Mitchell had a baby boy, Kadin.
Once Dr Ferguson knew that
Mitchell was healthy and stable, he
attended to White.
According to WLTX, White gave
birth to twins, Landon and
London, one hour later. Dr
Ferguson was understandably
surprised by the timing.
“I’ve never actually seen twins
pregnant at the same time, leave
alone delivering on the same
day,” he told ABC News.
For Mitchell and White, the
experience of giving birth was
even more meaningful because
they did it together.
“She’s like my best friend. So for
us to share this, that was really
special and emotional,” Mitchell
In December last year, another set
of twin sisters gave birth to their
first children just minutes apart in
the same hospital. And they both
had boys.
Danielle and Nicole Fisher, 23,
from New Jersey, USA, were in
adjacent rooms when they gave
birth just minutes apart.
According to Daily Mail, the sisters,
who were born within 12 minutes
of each other, insisted they had
not planned to get pregnant at
the same time.

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