Saturday, 4 August 2012

Husband and wife meet at the same lodge

A married couple busted each
other when they bumped into
each other at the same lodging in
Mlolongo town on the Nairobi-
Mombasa highway.
The little town, which is just a
collection of shops and pubs
spread on both sides of the
highway, is popular with amorous
track drivers and married men
and women with secrets to hide.
According to Salma, an eyewitness
in Mlolongo, husband and wife
separately hooked up with their
respective clandestine lovers a
fortnight ago.
“They both checked into the same
guest house and proceeded to
their respective rooms with their
clandestine lovers in tow. But
hours later, hell broke loose,”
Salma offers.
Apparently that evening, the
guesthouse experienced power
outages and as the woman came
out of the shower, the lights went
out. Wrapped in a towel, she
walked to the main reception to
enquire what was a miss.
But in a twist of fate, “Her
husband also came out in a pair
of shorts and an unbuttoned shirt
and headed straight to the
reception to for the same reason,”
says Salma.
Forgetting that each was guilty,
they both demanded to know
what the other was doing at the
lodge before throwing caution to
the wind and wrestling each other
to the ground.
“I just saw the woman scream
and grab her husband who
slapped her hard out of fury,”
Salma reports.
“The lovers who were still in the
room were attracted by the loud
confrontation only to find man
and wife tearing into each other.
They both quickly slipped through
the door and disappeared in the
darkness as the couple beat the
hell out of each other,” Salma
”You lied to me that you would be
at the project site this evening
supervising the construction of
our house,” the woman shouted
at her husband who was also
trying to get answers from her.
Apparently, the woman has been
secretly entertaining her young
lover, not knowing that the
husband also frequented the
same lodging with a clandestine
The couples were thrown out of
the lodging by the management
as curious onlookers enjoyed the
free evening drama.
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