Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Funeral arrangements are set for the Memphis
man who spent the last 21 years in a vegetative
Bert Brunson died last week at a rehabilitation
The case shocked the Mid-South, and resulted
in a law that now prevents law officers from
hog tying suspects.
When Bert Brunson first went into the hospital
he was 22 years old. Just a few days ago, he
died at the age of 43.
Just days before her son's Bert's funeral, his
mom Patricia showed us his baby pictures and
talked about the pain she is feeling.
"And what happened to me with my child I
would not wish on my worst enemy," said
It was the summer of 1991. Bert Brunson had
graduated from college and was working at the
airport when sheriff's deputies pulled his car
over under the suspicion of driving under the
"My son was Memphis' Rodney King, situation
happened the same year," Brunson-Ware
But Brunson-Ware says her son's situation
turned out a lot worse than Rodney King's. Her
son ended up in a vegetative state after being
hog-tied by deputies.
"He suffered anoxic brain damage because he
was hog-tied and placed in the back of the
squad car face down, it was like he was
crucified," Brunson-Ware said.
When he died last week, Brunson-Ware's son
had been in a vegetative state for some 21
years. The family won a multi-million dollar
lawsuit against Shelby County but Bert was
never be the same.
"The lawsuit was filed, we did get a settlement
but it never brought him back, I never heard
him say mom again," said Brunson-Ware.
Now Brunson-Ware looks for peace in her
son's pictures: his big date for the prom, a shot
of them during happier times, and his 21 years
of treatment.
She says his touch is what she will miss his
"Touch. I won't be able to touch him or kiss
him," said Brunson-Ware. "I miss that the
most, that's what we like to do with our loved
ones," she added.
As for the deputies charged with hog-tying her
son, Brunson-Ware says she wants to show
"So I just asked the Lord to not let me have a
bitter cup so that my son could receive every
blessing that the Lord had for him and I believe
he did," Brunson-Ware said. "Because we
never thought he would live almost 21 years
later from that night, matter of fact they all
thought he was going to die that night."
Mrs. Brunson-Ware says her faith in God and
support from her church and the community is
helping her get through this tragedy.
Her son's funeral is scheduled for Saturday at
Christ Missionary Baptist Church. His mom
says it will be a celebration of her son's life.

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