Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Premature ejaculation

Some simple techniques can help to
stop this frustrating problem.
What is premature ejaculation?
This is one of the most common
sexual problems in men. It's
particularly common in younger
men when sexual activity is relatively
new to them, and for any man
who's with a new sexual partner,
since under these circumstances the
level of sexual excitement is very
When premature ejaculation
becomes a problem, men suffer with
performance anxiety. They worry
about ejaculating prematurely, it
happens, and they find themselves in
a downward spiral.
Treatment and recovery
Sex therapists recommend a few
straightforward techniques to
prevent or delay ejaculation. You can
practice these on your own or with
your partner:
Take a deep breath as you feel
your climax approaching. This will
briefly switch off the ejaculation
The squeeze technique involves
squeezing below the tip of your
penis when the climax is
imminent for ten to 20 seconds.
It helps to think about something
boring at the same time to take
your mind off more exciting
During foreplay or intercourse,
stopping and starting sexual
stimulation helps to lengthen the
time taken to reach climax, and
can be combined with the
squeeze technique.
If you keep practising and stay
relaxed, you should find that the
problem disappears.

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