Monday, 6 August 2012


After playing two men for over a
year, a woman in Bomet was
busted and rendered homeless
when her unsuspecting ‘hubbies’
came face to face.
The woman, whom the
neighbours only referred to as
Caro, resided in a house whose
rent was paid by her ‘steady’
boyfriend who works in Nairobi
and has a child with her.
Neighbours told Crazy Monday
that the said boyfriend has been
visiting the woman on weekends,
bringing along goodies for her
and their daughter.
However, on weekdays, Caro kept
the company of a man who works
at a financial institution in the
When word reached her steady
boyfriend that she was having an
affair, she dismissed him, saying
those were just stories fabricated
by ‘enemies’ who were jealous of
their relationship. She also
reprimanded some of her
neighbours whom she suspected
of leaking her escapades to her
first boyfriend.
“She came to my house one
morning and threatened to strip
me the next time I informed her
man that she was cheating on
him,’’ a neighbour who declined
to be named said.
On the day of reckoning, the
boyfriend, following a tip from a
friend, lied that he was flying out
of the country on an official trip
and would not be making his
usual weekend visit.
Oblivious of the trap she was
walking into, she invited her ‘side
dish’ for a weekend romp. She
also tactfully sent her daughter to
her maternal home fearing that
she could ‘open her mouth’ when
her lover returned.
But she was busted on a rainy
Saturday afternoon when the two
lovebirds heard a knock on the
door as they relaxed in bed.
Initially, she restrained her lover
from opening the door insisting
that it was her female neighbour
who loved ‘disturbing’ people. But
when the knocks persisted, an
annoyed Caro walked to the door
to tell the ‘intruder’ off.
And there stood her first
boyfriend, the man who paid her
bills. Dumbfounded, Caro uttered
incomprehensible statements as
she tried to dissuade him from
entering the house. But he
shoved her aside and walked in to
find a man sleeping on the bed he
An eyewitness said that the man
did not mince his words and
demanded everything he had
bought her.
He carted away the bedding,
furniture and utensils and the
clothes he bought her before
instructing the landlord to
allocate the house to another

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