Monday, 6 August 2012


By Leonard Korir
Residents of Enoosaen trading
centre in Trans Mara West District
got the shock of their lives when
they found a middle-aged man
cooking a snake inside a bush.
Abuya, 40, was pounced on by the
passersby when he was preparing
to cook the delicacy inside a
thicket, barely a few meters from
his house.
The embattled man had lit a fire
and the puff adder he had killed
was lying in a sufuria ready for
Noticing the weird occurrence,
angry residents set upon on
Abuya and gave him a severe
beating saying such an incidence
was an abomination.
Fortunately, his screams for help
attracted Administration Police
officers who rushed to the scene
and rescued him from the
charged locals who were baying
for his blood.
According to one of the witnesses,
Geoffrey Sialo, they initially
thought that Abuya was harvesting
honey only for them to find out
that he was preparing to cook the
Upon interrogation, Abuya
confessed that a witchdoctor in
the neighbouring Gucha District
had promised him ‘good money’ if
he found a snake of certain
“He told me to kill it (snake), fry,
dry and crush it into powder and
take to him for use as herbal
medicine,” the man confessed.
Sialo said that Abuya told them
that he was working on a farm
with other men at Nkararo area
when they came across the snake,
which they killed.
He decided to carry it to Enoosaen
to prepare it before taking it to the
said witchdoctor.
game hunting
Abuya was arrested and later
taken to the Kilgoris Law courts
and arraigned before Resident
Magistrate Amos Mokoross for
hunting game.
The accused person pleaded
guilty to the charges and was
jailed for three months or an
alternative fine of Sh10,000 in
In mitigation, the accused asked
the court to forgive him saying
that he did not know that it was a
crime to a kill a snake. Evidently,
he had bitten more than he could
In the meantime, and going by
recent stories such as the seizure
of a dead hyena destined to a
witchdoctor’s hut, game rangers
may be forced to shift their big
guns from poachers’ hideouts and
point them at witchdoctor’s dens.

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