Saturday, 18 August 2012

Shinny shoes

A gentleman who always kept his black
shoes shiny
said to a woman on a
date, "I bet i can guess what colour
your underwear
is." The woman replied, "You think so,
huh? What colour
am I wearing?"
The man answered, "You're wearing
red.""Wow!" The lady responded in
delight. "How did you know that?"she
asked. He replied, "Because i'm a
On a second date with another
woman, he said,"Hey, i bet i can guess
colour your underwear is!"
The lady responded, "You're crazy!
Okay, what colour is my underwear?"
The man replied with a smirk, "It's
blue, of course."
The shocked lady asked, "There's no
possible way you could know that!"
"I'm a genius, i'm telling you," he said.
On a third date with another woman,
the man asked with fear, "Please tell
me you're not wearing any
underwear!" She replied, "Well, I'm
not. You worried?" "Whooo! I'm
relieved!" he mentioned with a big
gasp of air. "I thought I had a crack on
my shoes!"
Moral Lesson: Always wear Shiny shoes
When going 4 a date..

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