Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The marriage type of girl

Good Girls are Like the Apples on the
Top most part of a Tree..
While the Bad girls are the Apples that
Have fallen Down and Rotten..
So, Most Guys are Soo Lazy to Climb all
the way to the Top to get the Good
Girls, So, they tend To pick on the Bad
girls, (rotten apples) down..
Those Girls (Apples) on top,
sometimes think that there is
Something Wrong with them, Coz the
ones who are Down, rotten, (bad
ones) are picked Easily Leaving them
waiting on top..
So the ones on top Decide to fall,
hence Becoming Bad and rotten..
So, Ladies be Patient, the Right guy will
not Be tired to Climb All the way to the
top... And Get you...
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