Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Minister's Son Stabs His Lesbian Girlfriend At USIU After Shocking Revelations

A 22 year old USIU student is being
held at the Kasarani Police station
after he admitted to stabbing his 19
year old girlfriend. The young man
identified as Fred is the second son
to a Cabinet Minister.
Word has it that he was co-habiting
with the Aisha at a cosy apartment
around the University. A close
source revealed that he had
introduced the pretty girl to his
friends who always applauded him
for having netted such a beautiful
girl. Aisha was quite an introvert
who only paid attention to him.
However he recently started noticing
that she was withdrawn and only
hanged around her female best
friend. The two were inseparable
and sooner than later the friend
started living with them.
As soon as Fred left, the two always
locked the door claiming that the
environment was a bit unsafe. Little
did he know what they were up to.
Yesterday around midnight, Fred
who was gulping down a drink was
tipped by his neighbor that some
disturbing noise was coming from
his home. He stormed out of
Tortilas- a popular pub in the area
fearing for the worst.
On reaching home, what he saw
restored his soberness - OMG his
girlfriend was having sex with her
best friend. On confronting Aisha,
she blatantly told him that she was a
lesbian and was using him as a
cover up.
Angered, Fred reached out for a
knife and stabbed her twice on her
back and knee. She was rescued by
the neighbors who heard her
screams. Aisha is now at the Nairobi
Women’s Hospital.
Fred was visited by his friends and
claims that he has no apologies for
what he did. He says that using his
father’s influence he is sure that he
will not sleep in jail for long.

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